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What You Need To Know About Taking The Train Across Canada


Canadian train, you might feel a little sad when you arrive in Vancouver and have to get off and go forever, but it’s worth it.

If you are planning a train journey across Canada and want to cover the entire distance, you can take two different Cross Canada trains from Halifax to Vancouver. Both will be Via Rail Canada, but if you want a train from Vancouver back to Canada that goes from Toronto to Toronto, then you will want to choose your Canadian option, make sure you make the most of your trip so that you can remember all the details about your time on the Canadian train.

If you want a real transcontinental experience, you can take a commuter train and take the “ocean” from Montreal to Toronto, or if you don’t get it, you can also take the ocean to Montreal. If you take the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver, the journey takes four days, starting in Halifax and ending in Vancouver.

Sounds confusing, but it isn’t, and Via Rail staff are just a phone call away to help with planning. The current Trudeau government has announced plans for a new transcontinental rail line from Toronto to Vancouver, with further talks to follow in April 2017.

For long-distance travel it can cost more time and money to travel by train than by plane, but for shorter journeys it is usually cheaper to take the bus. Passenger rail systems are largely monopolies when travelling through Canada.

In the Windsor-Quebec corridor, the train can be seen as a convenient way to get from city to city. Canadian long-distance trains by clicking on “Home” at the top right of this page or on the “Canadian Railways” page on the right. 

A great way to see the country is to travel between Toronto and Montreal, Quebec, by intercity train. There is also a long-distance train service from Toronto to Montreal with VIA Rail and a direct service from Montreal via Windsor to Toronto.

There are also sleeper trains, which means you will spend the night in a new city along the route. For more information about sleeper travels in Canada, click “Home” at the top right and select “Sleepers.” 

Snow-capped mountains and a spiral tunnel built in the early 20th century are expected to help the train build metres of altitude over the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Along the way, you will discover spectacular scenery in Banff National Park, which really gives you a complete experience. The train runs every two hours and offers great views of the Rocky Mountains and some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. 

In the 1950s, a train journey from Vancouver to Calgary with a top speed of 100 km / h took 83 hours and 45 minutes

As travel by plane or car becomes faster and faster, the journey on the Canadian $10 note has become 14 hours slower. Today, someone books a trip on the flagship Via Rail train from Vancouver to Calgary with a top speed of 100 km / h. H. H. This is stated in the official timetable of the Canadian Rail Authority (CRA), which is responsible for the operation of passenger and freight trains throughout the country.

You can travel the scenic route from Toronto to Vancouver for just $397. The next trip you should book is to check off another one on your bucket list: Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains. Canadian Call is the cheapest and easiest way to see some of Canada’s most breathtaking sights.

According to National Geographic, this inexpensive, friendly excursion offers “breathtaking views” and stops at Jasper, B.C., and Fort McMurray, Alberta. A stopover in Jasper will also take you to other popular destinations such as Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Following the St. Lawrence River to Moncton in the Maritime, this train journey continues through the heart of New Brunswick, New York City and Montreal. From there, the prairie of Ontario leads on to the metropolis of Toronto, which is only a short drive from the Niagara Falls.

Travelling around Canada by train can be done with VIA Rail’s regional night service, including the Canadian one, which runs from Vancouver to Toronto. The coastal city of Vancouver is home to the largest sinkhole in the world, the Sunken Garden, as well as some of Canada’s most beautiful beaches. On the way, you can spend the whole day sightseeing before boarding and heading to Vancouver, where the trip comes to an end.

Once you reach the city, you will embark on a four-day journey by night train, where you will have the opportunity to admire a rarely seen landscape.


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