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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas


Whether you want to give your small bathroom a complete makeover or need a unique way to organize and design your personal space, there are storage solutions that meet your needs. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas to give you a head start. These small bathroom storage and design ideas maximize organization, make your tiny bathroom feel bigger, and maximize your organization.

You can browse for shelves, shelves and furniture that stylishly showcase your toiletries and accessories. You can add space and organization to your bathroom by building cabinets, or you can do it yourself and build adorable shelves from pallets.

Here are three DIY-friendly projects that offer more storage space in your bathroom, no matter how small it is. I will show you how to install a large medicine cabinet on the wall, add and install glass shelves behind the toilet or elsewhere – in pantry cabinets.

If you’re tired of fighting a tiny bathroom and don’t have the time or budget for a complete remodeling, use these quick tricks to make the most of every square inch of space you have. If you decide to upgrade your bathroom with one or three of these projects, you can make it more functional in no time.

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large family, there are clever ideas on how to keep your make-up, toiletries and linens in order. These creative little space hacks can boost the storage of your bathroom by helping to keep makeup and toiletries organized! Take advantage of the vertical space by keeping the door to your closet closed and help free up space in the bathroom for your closet or linen closet. 

Sometimes you need more than one bathroom storage, and sometimes you just need one or two storage ideas in your bathroom for all your needs – possessions that need to live somewhere. If you need a little more space to squeeze into the bathroom, don’t miss it!

When buying and designing your vanity, be sure to provide sufficient storage space. For a designer – feel the bathroom, get creative and build your own, and design your statement storage with a small bathroom storage space, such as a closet, closet door or even a drawer.

With so many nice ways to organize your small bathroom, maximizing the storage space in your laundry room comes down to putting together the right combination of small and large storage spaces for your bathroom. For example, a massive washstand offers plenty of storage space, but also plenty of space for other items such as toiletries.

Here are a few creative tricks I # I used to find the right combination of small and large storage spaces for my small bathroom. We talked a bit about ladder shelves, but I used a real wooden ladder to store my towels.

Add a big helping of farmhouse style and you’ve found the right combination of small and large storage spaces for your small bathroom. I provided drawers and a washstand, but I found a small closet with a drawer for the toilet, a closet for my toiletries and some storage space for a towel rail.

So don’t be afraid to look up and down and discover clever ways to organise and add extra storage space to your bathroom. The open design of the cabinets also makes the space appear larger visually and offers a possibility to complement it with farmhouse elements and storage space.

This is not exactly a storage solution, but the curved shower bars are a clever way to make a small bathtub feel bigger. If you are creative and practical, consider trying this DIY bathroom storage idea based on this solution.

This multi-storey tray is a practical and elegant way to add more storage capacity to a small vanity. Often you can build hooks, shelves and shelves from tools and supplies that you already have in the house. Give meaning to your small bathroom by installing a few sturdy shelves with your bathroom utensils at hand.

Just because you have room for a bathroom cabinet doesn’t mean you should put all the clutter away. But just because we have closet space in our bathroom doesn’t mean we should hide all the clutter.

Use the built-in – in shelves to also place decorative elements on it, and use them to keep your cabinets orderly and easy access to your products. Use organizational baskets as an easy way to keep your closet organized with easily accessible products in the center of the room.

This will definitely help you save some space in your bathroom, which is always a great idea when you are in a tiny room. Check out our guide to where to place your shelves in the bathroom to get more ideas for small bathroom storage ideas.


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